South Hill, Pierce County, Washington.

For over twenty years the South Hill Historical Society published articles uncovering a fascinating story of the people, events and periods of South Hill’s past. This site contains, in addition to other info., that history as told in the History on the Hill newsletter and the Puyallup Herald series of articles.

The Society

The South Hill Historical Society organized in 2001 to answer the question “What History?”

The Newsletters

South Hill Historical Society quarterly newsletters featured lead articles focusing on historical or regional events that affected the Hill’s development.

The Herald Articles

Monthly from 2007 to 2017 the Puyallup Herald featured a series of  articles called “Hill History” written by Dr. Carl Vest.

The Historical Corridor

The establishment of the Heritage Corridor is one of the historical societies most significant contributions to the Hill’s history and culture.


Over the years members, many no longer with us, have told their stories of years gone by on South Hill. They experienced a South Hill much different than today's.

Get The Book

Get the Book South Hill Washington a Community History, written by Hans Zeiger and Jerry Bates with contributions from other Society members, Published by History Press.