Yes, South Hill Has a History

South Hill History in the Puyallup Herald 2007-2017

Ball-Wood Road the oldest planned street on South Hill
Origins of Meridian Avenue on South Hill

South Hill was once a bomb target
World War II balloon bombs land

Meridian, Willamette Meridian have something in common
Survey grid system for the Pacific Northwest

Recognizing settlers' journey
South Hill Heritage Corridor

Puyallup's Old Line Trolley
Trolley route up The Hill

A Brief History of South Hill
Starting with a Military Road

The airports of South Hill
Sagmiller & Thun Fields

The evolution of fire protection on The Hill
Fire protection becomes an issue in the 1940's

Historic homes on South Hill are rare, but do exist
Parks, Swalander, Lester, Arneson & Zimmerman homes

Past Landmarks on South Hill gave people a sense of direction
Familiar spots in times past

Rural South Hill
Current residents remember how things were once

Willows Corner was once the center of attention
A center for the early businesses of The Hill

Glaser Road on South Hill
Old roads on The Hill named after pioneer families

South Hill life during the 1940s
Life much different as old time residents remember

The mysterious disappearance of Cedar Swamp & Sand Hill from South Hill
Formidable east-west obstacle on old South Hill

South Hill wasn't always so full of people
Mosolf & Kupfer two pioneer families of South Hill

Discovering the story behind the name of historic South Hill road
Mitchell-Gould Road (152nd St E.)

Birth of the Big "C" Shingle Mill Company
Small manufacturing on South Hill

School's namesake is alive and well
"Ed" Zeiger

Ancient Klickitat Trail served as the early route through South Hill
South Hill's early settlement a slow one

Transformation changes the hill
Puyallup Fruit & Garden Tracts

Area schools once looked vastly different
History of the Firgrove School

What’s with the road bubble at the west end of 152nd Street?
Road planners go around farmhouse

The last covered wagon immigration to South Hill
The Gabrielson family made the trip in 1921

South Hill made attempt at city-hood in late 1990s
New city to be named Southview

South Hill in the 1930s
Major concerns, farm animals, crops, weather and the Depression

South Hill will be part of historical trails study
Naches Pass Trail to be added to the National Trails Act

Woodland School spoke to changing times
South Hill's Woodland School newspaper 1945-1946

Puyallup Heights Community Club
Early South Hill community organization 1941

South Hill Pioneers - the Mosolf Family
One of the earliest families to settle on South Hill

South Hill Pioneers - the Zimmerman Family
Zimmerman family left an imprint on South Hill

Bradley Lake
Once a great source for peat excavation

The Fruitland Grange
Granges helped rural residents gain clout

The Woodland Bus Company
Early bus service to South Hill

Early Community Development on South Hill
The Township Nineteen Association (T-19-A)

A South Hill – Seattle Historical Connection
William Rankin Ballard surveyed South Hill

South Hill About 40 Years Ago
Development efforts have long-standing roots

The Willows: A South Hill Neighborhood
Long-lost nicknames mark area's past

The Many Names of Meridian Avenue
Starting in 1889 many names given

South Hill Has a Superfund Site
The polluted history of water on South Hill

South Hill Once An Area of Small Farms
Early large farms changed over years to small farms

The First Legal Garbage Dump On South Hill
A history of waste disposal on the Hill

The Firgrove Mutual Water Company
Finding water on the hill has been tough

Establishment of Local Churches On South Hill
In the early 1900s establishing churches was difficult

South Hill in the 70s
South Hill was a different world in the 1970s

Who Settled South Hill?
Early Settlers on South Hill

South Hill's Oldest Ethnic Restaurant
The House of Kee on South Hill

Exploring For Oil and Gas on South Hill
Community Number One

The Northern Pacific Railroad & South Hill
The Railroad's Influence

The Start of Housing Tracts on South Hill
From farms to housing

The Drags & Historical South Hill Intersection
Drag strip, hot spot on South Hill

Wagon Train Crossing
Important South Hill Anniversary

Growing Up On South Hill In The 1930s
The Glaser family, generations on the Hill

Boundaries of South Hill
Discussion of South Hill boundaries

Ballou Junior High Name Honors Education Leader
The naming of Ballou Junior High School

South Hill's Shaw Road
Shaw Road has an interesting history

South Hill Was Once a Hop-Growing Area
Earliest commercial crop on the Hill

The early Woodland community of South Hill

The South Hill Community Plan
Development on South Hill

Ever Evolving Meridian Avenue on South Hill
It was worse in years past

South Hill Library is a Newcomer
One of the busiest libraries in Pierce County starts small

Women's Benefits Association Once Served South Hill
South Hill was once a isolated place for women

An Art Display Experiment on South Hill
Transit Stop Art

The Heritage Corridor Across South Hill
The Longmire/Biles wagon train crossing a significant event

The Rabbit Farms on South Hill
The Rabbit Farms started in the 1930s folded quickly

Christmas on South Hill in the 1940s
Christmas was a lot different six decades ago

Memorial for South Hill Pioneers
Input sought for memorial project

South Hill Bombed During World War II
Japanese Fu-Go balloon bombing campaign

Farming Was A Big Deal
Occupations on South Hill prior to WWII

Creation of Meridian Avenue
Formal road systems starts 124 years ago on South Hill

Floyds' Hill
Recreation at the Rabbit Farms

The Early Stages of Development on South Hill
When did it all start?

Japanese Internment Summer of 1942
World War II Camp Harmony Part of Puyallup & South Hill History

Personal Property Tax Once Onerous on the Hill
Each tax payer expected to declare personal property

Longmire-Biles Wagon Train Crosses South Hill
South Hill's most historical event, an anniversary worth celebrating

Early Road Survey Up The Hill
Early South Hill, forests and swamps

The Original Firgrove School
A look at the one-room school

A Snapshot of South Hill in 1972
1972 survey paints mixed population

The Parks Sister's Childhood Memories
Growing up on the Hill in the 1930s & 40s

At One Time, School Buses Did Not Serve South Hill
Early experiences getting to high school from South Hill

Carl F. Muehler One of The Earliest South Hill Settlers
"Swamp Muehler" Ranch helped establish road to Puyallup

Community Action Comes to South Hill in the 1960s
Creating a community-wide, grass-roots action organization

Settlement Started on South Hill in the 1870s
Earliest title holders

N/P Railroad Influenced Early Development
Only non-railroad land available to pioneers

Paving of Meridian—Burning of Dance Hall
Paving celebration followed by fire

Longmire-Biles Wagon Train Crossing
Most of trail gone, markers show route over South Hill

Longmire-Biles Wagon Train Crossing Part II
A look at some of the people that made the trip

Farming On South Hill
The farming history of South Hill included successful hop farms

South Hill One Hundred Years Ago
Old maps tell us a lot

Puyallup School District No. 3 and South Hill
A relationship that started 75 years ago

Narrow Gage Railroad once on South Hill
Connecting Puyallup and Tacoma

Balloon Bombs of 1945
Japanese attack West Coast

The Fruitland Grange II
Proud part of the community

Firgrove 4H Club
Changes with the times

Timber Removal First Basic Industry On South Hill
Weyerhaeuser among others timber companies logged the Hill

Memories Of Longtime Residents
Life events on South Hill

Collins Road Connecting South Hill to Tacoma
A group effort

Pioneers Unite To Navigate North Fork
1853 Extension of Oregon Trail To Puget Sound

Old PTA Documents - Firgrove Elementary
Firgrove Elementary 59 years ago

Density Along Meridian 1915
Focusing on points of density on South Hill

Lundblad Road
South Hill's Lundblad Road has an interesting history

1970s South Hill Economic Report
Young families and fast growth

Recalling The Bombing of South Hill
South Hill a target during WWII

Aviation On South Hill
S&S Airport, Thun Field, Pierce County Airport

Puyallup Heights School
Citizens draft a petition 1910

Driving South Hill's Historic Corridor
Follow the original path of the Longmire-Biles wagon train

South Hill's Odens Road
History of 94th Avenue East on South Hill

Thun Field
Update to modified master plan

State Roads on South Hill
Interesting back-story

Reliving the Longmire-Biles Trek Over South Hill
The 1853 wagon train

The Firgrove School History & Preservation
Oldest public building on the Hill

Pierce College on South Hill
Higher education started slowly on the Hill

South Hill's Growth
Starting from the 1880s

Historic Roads of South Hill
Names not Numbers

The Bombing of South Hill
Balloon bombs of WWII

1872 South Hill First Surveyed
Township 19