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About Our Society

In 2001 the South Hill Historical Society was organized to trace the history of South Hill. Simply put, our mission is to gather up and preserve South Hill history from the late 1800’s to the present. We are collecting and publishing the results of our research with the goal to maintain a link to South Hill’s past for future generations and those of us today curious about that history.

Years of research, endless hours with microfilm/microfiche machines, copying old newspaper articles and maps, interviewing old timers, reaching out to other historical groups and museums went into the Society's research. The result is a history of South Hill that spans the periods before white settlement up to current times.

Community Involvement
Currently our society is engaged with other Pierce County historical associations under the umbrella of the Pierce County Heritage League. We are actively engaged with the Pierce County Planning commission, and many community organizations.

Our geographic area of study
“South Hill” for our historical purposes is defined as the area south of the Puyallup Fairgrounds (15th Ave. SW) up “the Hill” and then south to 200th Street. On the east the boundary is "the ridge” overlooking the Orting Valley, and on the west the boundary is Canyon Road.

South Hill Historical Society Officers

President Bob Ballou
Vice President (vacancy)
Secretary (vacancy)
Research Carl Vest
Treasurer Ben Peters
Public Relations (vacancy)

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